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      Unit type flexographic printing machine without roller replacement


      It is used for multi-variety printing of paper, PP woven cloth and paper-plastic composite coiled materials. The printing range is wide and there is no need to replace the printing roller. With time saving, labor saving and high efficiency, it can automatically wind after printing.

      Performance and features:

      Automatic deviation correction, constant tension control, warning for replacement of materials, automatic replacement of materials without stopping the machine. It is also provided with the function of stopping in case of material shortage.

      The cast iron wallboard is the guarantee for stable operation of the machine.

      The color group is driven by a separate servo. The printing roller runs at a constant speed. The computer controls bag length and the cloth runs and is printed at variable speeds.

      The closed high-speed circulating oven is our exclusive design, providing guarantees for short-distance high-speed drying.

      The 8-inch winding air expansion shaft makes it convenient to work with the square bottom valve bag production equipment.

      It is suitable for multi-variety printing. There is no need to replace the printing roller. It is time saving and labor saving with good benefit.

      Compared with other products of our peers in the industry, our printing machine has higher registering speed, higher printing speed and achieves the best effect.

      Technical parameters:

      Maximum printing width


      Printing length


      Registering precision


      Printing color number

      4-8 colors

      Winding and unwinding diameter


      Printing speed


      Single-color servo motor power


      Outline dimensions


      Configuration list:

      Main motor/servo


      PLC/motion controller


      Touch screen


      Low voltage electric appliance


      Switching power supply

      Mean Well


      Zhejiang Renben

      Wallboard material

      Cast iron

      Operating state appreciation

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