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      Haiduobao invites you to participate in FIBCE2019 Shanghai International Container Bag, Woven Bag and Valve Pocket ExhibitionHaiduobao invites you to participate in FIBCE2019 Shanghai International Container Bag, Woven Bag and Valve Pocket Exhibition

      FIBCE2019 Shanghai International Container Bag, Woven Bag and Valve Pocket Exhibition
      Time: August 14-16, 2019 Exhibition Hall: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall
      Address: No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
       Company Profile
              Wenzhou HitoTop Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation-based enterprise in Zhejiang Province with more than 20 years of development history of machinery and equipment production. The company has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of processing equipment in the plastic packaging industry, specializing in the production of plastic extrusion laminating machine, different types of flexo printing machine, plastic woven bag printing & making machine, middle sewing bag making machine, plastic woven bag automatic sewing machine, plastic woven bag folding & sewing machine, plastic woven bag cutting, folding & sewing machine, etc. The supporting equipment of the production line is very comprehensive.
              The company is strong in technology, concentrates on professionalism, and possesses a number of invention patents and utility model patents. Several products and some devices are the first in China. The fully automatic plastic woven bag printing & making machine won the support of Innovation Fund of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014. Also many new products are regarded as provincial-level industrial new products in Zhejiang Province.
              With strong technology strength, diversified product structure, scientific production technology, strict quality assurance system and well-built marketing and service network, the company has established long-term friendly cooperative relationships with many domestic large-scaled plastic woven packaging enterprises. Besides, in the market the company has been well received by domestic and foreign customers, and is in a leading position in the industry.
              Taking the enterprise mission of "guiding customers' needs and promoting industry development" and following the culture of "study as in the school, execution as in the army, warmth as in the family", the company is constantly pursuing excellent products and services. We always insist on the business philosophy of "market-oriented, innovation-based, quality first" and provide customers with high-quality and high-efficiency products, making unremitting efforts to maximize the value of customers, employees, companies and the society.
              The company takes Germany's "Heidelberg" company as benchmark, striving to be the leading brand of subsequent processing equipment in China's plastic woven industry. We are aiming at building an international brand and taking the lead in the industry of laminating, printing, bag making and sewing processing equipment in China.
      Products and services
      Satellite flexo press 
      Unit type non-changing roll flexo printing machine 
      Planetary flexo printing bag making machine 
      Laminated flexo printing bag making machine 
      Environmentally friendly micro-hole needle set 



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